Although we do ship internationally, some locations have a distributor closer which allows for faster shipping and cheaper shipping costs. Please note this only applies to our silicone; piercing and tattoo supplies, DVDs and anything else are all sent from us here in the US.  


Marcus Strohner
Trust Body Modification
Mannheim, Germany

Website: www.trust-wholesale.de/Steve-Haworth-products
Email: shop@trust-mannheim.de

Alle Bestellungen in Europa sind mit Marcus an Vertrauen in Mannheim gelegt werden. Sie können den Shop auf shop@trust-mannheim.de erreichen.

Toutes les commandes en Europe doivent être placés avec Marcus de Trust à Mannheim. Vous pouvez accéder à sa boutique à shop@trust-mannheim.de 

Todos los pedidos en Europa se van a colocar con Marcus a Confianza en Mannheim. Puede llegar a su tienda en shop@trust-mannheim.de



Ricardo Padilla
Kamikazes Body Art
Guadalajara, MX

Email: kamikazesbodyart@gmail.com

Todos los pedidos en Mexico se van a colocar con Ricardo Padilla a Kamikazes Body Art en Guadalajara. Puede llegar a su tienda en kamikazesbodyart@gmail.com




Noni Coburn

Edmonton AB 

Email: noni_ritualistics@hotmail.com




Jared Grafton
BloodLust Body Modification
Pittsburgh, PA

Email: graftonshooligan@yahoo.com




If you are interested in becoming a distributor in a different region, please use our contact page or email us at sales@stevehaworth.com.